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Hotmale Radio Gold

Hotmale Radio Gold takes you back to the past.

Our Gold retro station brings you mix of music right back to the 1950s and up to the end of the Eighties.

Listen through the day to mix of music that takes you through the decades, mixed with adverts you might remember from the past, that is if you are old enough.

Our evening shows give you a snapshot of specific music eras, DISCO from the seventies, New Wave From the Eighties and that special Psychedelic sound that only the sixties has.

We have a great range of shows on Gold,Tomorrow Your Heart featuring girl bands, They Sold A Million, Loveshow and Vinyl Days. We are also pleased to have two old favourites from the Hotmale Radio network coming onto the Gold, Fire Island Hi-NRG with Bill Grainger and 80s Mania with Ross Alexander.

So engage the flux capacitor, shut the Tardis doors and transport yourself back to your era.

Top Tracks

The Game Is Over


A Little Bit Off

Five Finger Death Punch

Live Your Life

Nick Cordero

I See Red

Everybody Loves an Outlaw

Wolf Totem

The Hu

Parasite Eve

Bring Me The Horizon

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